Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Much Needed Update

Hello folks,

I thought it was about time I made this announcement, it is with regret I'm going to have to postpone any posting on the blog for the next year or so. School work has taken its toll on my wargaming and I feel it is best for everyone if I make it official I won't be posting anytime soon. I can't remember the last time I lifted a paint brush I don't know when I will again. However I will try and finish the vespid tutorial round about Christmas time if I can fit it in between my studying. I tried to remain to the saying, "never say never," but the pressure from school is just to great. And I know the stress I'm feeling now is hardly anything compared to having a job, but it is time that is holding me back from painting or wargaming. I would like to apologise to anyone who was wanting to see my tutorial or any updates from any of my projects over the last two months.

At the moment I do have half finished Vespids sitting in my cupboard collecting dust and I might be able to break them out over the Christmas Holiday's between my studying. This also means I will not be entering Falkirk's Painting Competition which makes me very sad as I had such a buzz from last year it would be so gutting if I couldn't make it next year. I had so many high expectations for my blog at this time. I wanted to do battle reports, a free hand shield tutorial, finish off my Saga army and get some Tau Tactics on the site. All these things are slowly slipping out of my grasp and school has taken over completely. I thought this was a good time to say how sorry I am to anyone who was looking forward to see some more posts and I thank you for your patience.

However on a more positive note I have been doing a lot of work for my Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, like taking pictures. So I thought I would share some of the pictures I took from where I work and some breath taking landscapes when I was on my expedition:

Above is an abandoned and disused railway line that use to travel through the Galloway Forest.

This was on the Carrick Trail (I think) almost 300m above sea level

Some really nice autumn scenes creeping in already.

This was a burn which ran very near but not at our campsite, and yes for those of you who noticed that is someone's house on the right in the middle of nowhere.

Now this is a blue tongued skink(above), I particularly think this animal is ugly but it's tongue is quite cool. That's the male one that isn't looking too happy to have his picture taken.

These are Bosc Monitors, at the moment they are only two to three feet long, but these guys can grow to up to six feet long and weigh the same or even more than a fully grown man.

These turtles are really cool, they are Reeve turtles, a very close relation to terrapins I believe ( but don't take my word for it!) they grow to about six inches in length. Well I hope you enjoyed this post and I may not speak to you again until Christmas time, hopefully with something new. Thank you to all who have supported me this year especially the Tale of Painters crew for allowing me to take up a post to display my Tau, bye for now!
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