Friday, 14 June 2013

Aun'Shi Ethereal: Tau Blademaster

Hello Folks,

Well today has been a long and laborious week for me. I have just started my new set of subjects this week and have been revising profusely every night. However I have managed to paint up the Aun'Shi Ethereal but it hasn't been easy. The short gaps of time to paint and the very warm and repelling weather has made the painting experience somewhat chore like. However do not fear I am not losing hope just taking some time to vent. I haven't added a picture yet because I really like how this model has come out and I feel you would get more of a kick out of it my clicking Read More and see the picture for the first time as your browser loads. Be sure to click to know all the new skills I learnt and where they all came from, with full praise going to those who though it up and so I don't look like a glory snatcher. Be sure to check it out:

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Completed Welsh Hearthguard unit!

Hello Folks,

Well another busy day today. Maybe not so much wargaming wise but I just had my last exam after lunch WOOHOO but then I start school again tomorrow AWW! I also undercoated the next set of Tau figures, the six Vespids and the Tau Ethereal. I also finished basing the Welsh Hearthguard unit which went fairly quickly since the weather was so warm. Click Read More to see close ups of each rank and what I did for the shields.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Saga Hearthguard unit can almost smell victory!

Hello Folks,

Well today has been a very productive day modelling wise. I have started to build the next lot of Tau stuff, Vespids and Aun'Shi so be looking forward to that. However more to the point of this post I have finished painting my first Saga Hearthguard Unit and my first ever Saga Unit. I have also completed the shields. So click read more to see close up shots of these guys and their unit along with their shields.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Squad 1 Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Hello Folks,

Well as promised I have the final pictures of the finished Firewarrior Squad. I am really pleased with how these guys turned out, also how quickly it took me to paint them in such a short space of time. These pictures were taken just moments before they were boxed up and sent off to their rightful owner. Click Read More to see more pictures and a final group shot of the  second class of the 41st Millenia:

Sunday, 2 June 2013

WAPPINSHAW Wargames Convention

Hello Folks,

Well it is yet another end to a great convention. Wappinshaw is run by Phoenix Wargames Club that can be seen above. The convention was held at Kelvin Hall, a new place to take up post since for the past 2 years we have all been crammed into a conference room in Buchanan Galleries. There will be quite a lot of pictures in this post so I will try and keep the text to a minimum. (Also most of the pictures are blurry because my camera can't take a half - decent picture of you breath whilst pressing the button, so apologies in advance. Click Read more to see pictures of some of the games and learn more about what else went on that couldn't get snapped up with a camera.
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