Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pathfinders Close Ups


In this post we have the awaited close ups of the Tau Pathfinders. My exams are approaching fast so don't expect much over the next few months but I'll try to get some pics up. But here are the Pathfinders:


 Now take a deep breath, in and out. I know that is a lot of pics but it is to last you a few weeks/months. :) Bye for now.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

"What's That comin' over the hill? Is it a ..." Bloody hell it's Pathfinders!


I have processed the group shots of the Pathfinders so far. I will have to re-take the close ups of the individual shots not the ones here as they came out a bit naff. But these images give you an idea of what I have done. The models with their bases done are the ones my Dad painted. He wanted to get some fame and thought he was doing me a favour...but he wasn't. I did all the free hand on them but left the paint job as it was. With out further a do here they are:

The next images may be posted up next week. Bye for now.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

School's Back and the Tau are still a rollin'!


Now if you are a regular to my Blog or have viewed earlier posts you will know of my struggle to get as much done before the school term hit, and boy did it hit hard! I have been getting a lot of homework which clogs up a lot of my free time. This blog may actually turn out to be a 'HELP WITH HOMEWORK' blog, only kidding... I have been painting a wee bit since I have been back at school and I have progressed a little with my Tau commission and I have done a test model for my Tau army for which I am re-painting. In this post I will put up my Tau Firewarrior and at some point over the coming month I will post the Pathfinders. Viewer, "Finally! You lazy sod, we have been waiting for those!" They will come but for now here is my new Tau Colour Scheme.

I will post up a story of my Tau and how they got their scheme. The new 6th Ed ally rule has played quite well into my hand. That won't happen until Christmas which will be my month to catch up with my figures. I would like your feedback on my scheme; does it work? what would you recommend instead of...? I will try and post again with in the next fortnight and the Pathfinders will take to the stage. But until then bye for now.
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