Monday, 30 July 2012

Firewarriors - Group 1 (1 of 3 posts)

Hello Folks,

I have some more firewarriors for you today. When I did the test model on Saturday I wasn't really sure how to differentiate the squads. I had an idea what to do with the Shas'ui but with the normal warriors I was really stuck. I met the client on Sunday and gave him an idea and he said that it sounded fine so that is what I did. I gave them symbols on their helmet and arm band the same colour as what the squad would be. Here are 4 of the 12. I have taken pictures through the W.I.P so look out for a painting guide coming later today. Here are the pictures of the finished Fire Caste Warriors:


Keep your eyes peeled on the top bar for the Painting guide. Bye for now.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Gearing Up for war - Group 1 ready and recruited! Sir!

Press the link for some cool music to go with these war recruits:

Hello again,

As promised earlier in the week I have taken pictures of the figures that have been based. It took me a while to get the all together shot for them, I think I took 25 or so pictures of different angles and layout to try and get it just right. I think I managed it. The basing was done with Citadel Sand flock and Two Colour grass tufts (early fall) by mini'N'atur. Quite expensive but it really does deliver. Onto the pictures:

Stay tuned for more Firewarriors over the next few days. Bye for now.

P.S remember to turn off the music!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Disco Inferno - Fire Caste joins the party

Hello Folks,

I am still waiting for the flock/scatter to dry on the bases as I don't want it messing up the battle mat! Anyway I did manage to paint up a test model for the Firewarriors using the new Games Workshop paint. I will try and do a painting guide for these guys as well once I get the process idiot proof and easy to understand. This model took me a couple of hours to paint, so not too long which is a good sign if I want to get things done at a faster rate. I may get another two or three done by the end of tomorrow along with the images of the first group done. Phew that's going to be a long day. Onto the pictures:

Stay Tuned for more tomorrow! Enjoy the Olympic opening Ceremony! Don't get too drunk! Hiccup! Ooops! Too late!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Re-Krooting over... Time for War!

Hello again,

As promised I have finished the last of the Kroot. I have been seeing many green lizards in my dreams since I started painting these. It feels good to have finished 16 Kroot, 2 Krootox and one Shaper. The other Shaper will be done later after I have finished the Firewarriors of which will be consuming my blog for the next week or so. Only 3 and a bit weeks left of my holidays, and when I get back to school it will probably be 1 or 2 at max posts per week, I might even go to 0 a week. The joys of exams... but that's still a long time away so no point in fretting about that. Onto the pictures:

As you can see, the bases have been painted with Rhinox Hide (Scorched Brown) with the idea in mind to begin the basing process of flocking. Watch this space as I will try and get them done by tonight. Bye for now.

Monday, 23 July 2012

More Re-Krooting - Nearing the end

Hello again folks,

I managed to finish another group of Kroot, this time they have orange highlights. I probably could have got the other group of four done but I had other stuff to do today. Tomorrow I will try and finish off the last 4 Kroot and the final Shaper. It has been fun painting the Kroot but I will be glad to move on to the Firewarriors. I have started a test figure for them and I am amazed at how different the normal colours are compared to the older ones. I will have to see how he turns out. Onto the pictures:

A nice wee short post to close for the night, see you later folks.

Something to fill in the gaps - An insight into my Tau

Hello Folks,

Still powering through the Kroot today but haven't really done enough to post anything new from the commission. So I thought I might give you some insight into my Tau. This was a more muted colour scheme for Tau since I painted the majority of my army Black, Red and Grey. I did do a bit of a rush job on the rest of my army so I might do a before and after on them as I would like to paint them again to a slightly better standard. This Kroot Shaper took me a while to paint, I practised blending on the flesh and fabric. I did also try NMM but it failed so I re-painted over it with metallic silver. But what I will say is it will take me a long time before any of my Tau get re-painted so they'll ust have to stay as they are for now. Anyway onto the pictures:

Keep your eyes peeled later on in the week for the Commission Kroot to take their final call to centre stage. Bye for now.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Boys are Back in town!

Hello again,

Finally I have what you have all been waiting for, the final pics of the Krootox. As promised on two occasions I have stuck my finger out and got the job done. After these guys I have 8 kroot and one more Shaper to do from this batch. Then I will do another big group shot of all of them, will probably get that done sometime next week. Onto the pictures:

And here he is with his buddy:

Look out for more green skins coming soon. ! :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Time for a wee break!

Hello again,

I am sorry for the delay with the pictures of the final Krootox and you will have to wait a while longer as I am leaving today and will not be back till Saturday afternoon. I will try and get them posted then. In the meantime here is a quick wee interval post of something different so that you don't all get bored :). Here we have a Dwarf Swordsman from West Wind miniatures. I picked him up at the Falkirk Cannonade Games Convention. This was a few months back when I was just starting out painting and trying out different techniques. I bought this one to practise fabric shadowing and highlights. I even managed to try some NMM (Non-metallic-metal) on the sword and helmet, boy was that an up hill struggle. I do want to try NMM again because practise makes perfect! :) Now onto the pictures:

I do have another West Wind Mini from the same faction as this guy but a different unit. I will only post that when I am in the same situation as just now, or when the Tau are completely finished. Bye for now.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Class of 40,001 - Group shots (so far)

Well as I promised earlier here are the pictures of what I have done so far. These pictures include 8 Kroot, 5 XV15 Stealth Suits, Kroot Shaper and one Krootox. (That was just for those of you who have missed the previous post). First I will post the group shots of the kroot, then kroot with stealth suits. And without further  a do, here they are:

And now for the whole class shot:

And for some close up so you can pick out the class Bully ( my guess is the guy with the big dog ;)) :

Keep your eyes peeled because coming soon is the next Krootox. He is nearly done. Bye for now.
I would also like to thank the folks who are regulars to viewing this blog, almost near 100 views! But I'm sure we can do better, can't we? :)

Leading the Charge - Kroot Shaper


Even though the blog has been quite quiet over the past few days I have been busy. Yesterday I didn't get much painting done as I had other things to do during the day. Luckily though I had some time in the afternoon and evening to paint up the first of two kroot shapers. I started at 3:30pm and finished him at 9:00pm. I did have breaks in between though so it probably took me about 4 or 4.5 hours to paint him. I really like this model compared to the other Shaper, mainly because he carries a pulse rifle, just my preference of weapon :). I did take some WIP images as well of the first few steps but then after that I was kind of pushed for time so I got my head down and finished him off. I will show the WIPs of him first then the fully painted pics. Here he is:

Stage 1 - Applying base layers

Stage two - Re-applying darker base layers

Rear view shot of stage 2
And now the fully painted version:

I will post the group shots of what I have done so far later on today, probably some time in the afternoon. But between now and then it is time to paint the last Krootox. Bye for now.
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