Friday, 13 July 2012

Welcome to my Blog! So glad you could make it.

Hello War gamers from across the globe and to infinity and beyond! Or anyone who has mistakenly fallen onto this page, if so then you are still welcome. :) I have started this blog to illustrate and publicise my painting technique on War game Miniatures as it progresses through the next few years that I will be able to do this blog. Studying/homework and tests will vary the amount I can put on but they are a long way away so no need to panic ;), but for the next month and a bit I am on holiday so let's bombard this page with my photies. But first let me introduce myself to all those that have read thus far. I have been wargamming since I was six years old and painting since I was ... well march really. I do lots of sports that include Badminton (Scottish rank joint 72nd!), football, golf (handicap 21), swimming and the odd bit of archery and kayaking. I am at a secondary school in Scotland.

The reason why I wanted to create this blog was to show the world that everyone can paint a model and with a lot of practise and help from more experienced painters you can achieve almost anything. So jump on this blog and watch my journey as I explore the possibilities that the Miniature Painting world has to offer beginners like myself. So what first I hear you all ask? Well the massive Tau Army commission of course! :)

My Tau Ethereal with a test marble base. It actually looks more like a funky Sci-fi wood grain.

As you can see I use Tau for one of my 40k armies, the other is a massive 'God knows how many points' Ultrasmurfs army. Huh... you know it's bad when you slag off your own troops! :D.
The first instalment of the commission was given to me yesterday and my mouth almost dropped to the floor as he told me, "I'll let you crack away at that!" My initial thought was to RUN but I like painting Tau so I rose up to the challenge and you will see my progress over the coming weeks. But do not fret as I will split up the posts with other miniatures through the course of the project. I do paint other histories of models, not just Sc-Fi and Fantasy.

The 'Client' as I'll call him has asked for the Tau to be painted up in their primitive colours (the ones in the codex that is). I thought to myself it would be an easy job but then GW changed their paints... HURRUMPH! GRRR! So I brain stormed with my Dad and we came up with a nifty solution. I am hoping to get the 5 Old Style Stealth Suits done by the end of tomorrow so the journey can go to it's glorious start. Well I think I've babbled on enough, I would like to thank all that have read this long entry and hope you come back soon and I promise I will try to make my blog interesting and short nifty posts. Thanks again.

Here are some tasters of what is to come (You can also check out my clubs website at :

Gruesome Ghoulsters
Rat Ogre for Bloodbowl

Sword Masters of Hoeth
Thanks for looking, please leave any comments below. :)


  1. Congratulations on Post #1!!! You will always remember that one!

    I know there will be many more. Best of luck with the new blog. :-)

  2. Thanks Jim I hope there will be more to, something to keep me even more occupied over the Summer.


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