Monday, 30 July 2012

Firewarriors - Group 1 (1 of 3 posts)

Hello Folks,

I have some more firewarriors for you today. When I did the test model on Saturday I wasn't really sure how to differentiate the squads. I had an idea what to do with the Shas'ui but with the normal warriors I was really stuck. I met the client on Sunday and gave him an idea and he said that it sounded fine so that is what I did. I gave them symbols on their helmet and arm band the same colour as what the squad would be. Here are 4 of the 12. I have taken pictures through the W.I.P so look out for a painting guide coming later today. Here are the pictures of the finished Fire Caste Warriors:


Keep your eyes peeled on the top bar for the Painting guide. Bye for now.


  1. Awesome figs! Love the paint job.

  2. Thanks! I would like to give you my utmost (upmost?) thanks for being my first commenter. (apart from J. Wappel). I really appreciate it, shows that I am not doing all this for nothing. I do really like the Tau figs as well, that's why I have my own army and couldn't wait to paint up this one. Thanks again.


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