Monday, 23 July 2012

Something to fill in the gaps - An insight into my Tau

Hello Folks,

Still powering through the Kroot today but haven't really done enough to post anything new from the commission. So I thought I might give you some insight into my Tau. This was a more muted colour scheme for Tau since I painted the majority of my army Black, Red and Grey. I did do a bit of a rush job on the rest of my army so I might do a before and after on them as I would like to paint them again to a slightly better standard. This Kroot Shaper took me a while to paint, I practised blending on the flesh and fabric. I did also try NMM but it failed so I re-painted over it with metallic silver. But what I will say is it will take me a long time before any of my Tau get re-painted so they'll ust have to stay as they are for now. Anyway onto the pictures:

Keep your eyes peeled later on in the week for the Commission Kroot to take their final call to centre stage. Bye for now.

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