Friday, 31 May 2013

More Welshmen on the scene!

Hello Folks,

Well as promised we have the back row of this Hearth Guard unit. Even though this would normally be a full unit done (4 men) I have my units in groups of six (3 units of four halved). So I still have another two guys to do. They will probably be up next week at some point. Click read more to see more individual shots and an update on the Tau Firewarriors.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Second Welsh Hearthguard Man!

Hello Folks,

Well I bet you're wondering what's wrong with me since I have managed to do three posts in a week. The fact of the matter is these guys are just so easy to paint and since they're mine I'm not really too bothered about how well it turns out. Having said that I am really happy with how this guy turned out, especially the fabric and flesh. Read more to see more pictures and find out what's coming next.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Time to start a Saga of Posts!

Hello Folks,

I actually thought of putting this post up later on in the week but since I took these pictures I have had some advancements on my painting desk. Click read more to see more pictures and the techniques used for painting this guy.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Firewarriors continued!

Hello Folks,

Well as promised we have the second instalment of the first but second squad of Firewarriors. The last 4 warriors might be done by the end of the week if I can get enough time or the weather gives me the time to. Read more to see more pictures and find out what's coming up next.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Firewarriors: Squad 1

Hello Folks,

I thought it would be best to give you all an update since I haven't posted for a while. My painting of the Tau commission is picking up speed, I am now half way through another Firewarrior squad and I have a Devilfish ready to be undercoated. Expect more Firewarriors after this one over the coming days. These guys were done over a couple of evenings last week when the weather was dull and grey and typically Scottish. Even though I have already painted a Firewarrior squad, this is going to be squad one.
Click 'Read More' to get more pictures and an explanation as to why squad 2 became squad one and vice versa:

Monday, 20 May 2013

A Mini - update!

Hello Folks,

Well the past week has been a busy one. I have been studying, painting and building for the majority of the days. I have started work for my Duke of Edinburgh (An award scheme from my school) and I have lazed around watching Stargate SG-1 and the new season of Game of Thrones. And who said your school days were your worst?! Anyway back to the Mini - Update. So what have I been doing Miniature wise. Click after the Jump to find out:

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Falkirk Carronade Run Down

Hello Folks,

As many of you will know I was at Scotland's biggest Wargames Convention called Falkirk Carronade, run by Falkirk Wargames Club. Here is a link to their website: Falkirk Wargames Club. Just a fore warning I forget to take my camera so unfortunately I have no pictures of the event, however if you go to the link within the next week to two weeks there should be a bit on Carronade 2013 with pictures of some of the fantastic display games.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A stone cold conclusion...

Hello Folks,

Well the time is nigh, my competition entry for Falkirk has been completed. Many things have changed about my plan for the competition, including figure, base, paint job, basically anything you can think of I changed it, even up until the last minute. Original plans suck anyways! :D I originally thought of putting this guy on a plinth with a scenic base. However I contacted my plinth maker too late and I had to re - think my idea, see proof, I wasn't lying! If I tally up my time from sprue to completion it would be about 20 hours or so. Now I know that doesn't seem long but I have had to do it in small stages over a long period of time. I am really happy with how this guy turned out and I really hope he can bring home the gold.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Not one, but TWO XV88 Broadsides!

Hello Folks,

I spent last week undercoating and painting my commissioned Tau. I undercoated two broadsides and a firewarriors. The broadsides were a massive pain to build, I'm sure every Tau player can sympathise with me and anyone else who was building those fragile chickens of death! It took be about 6 hours for each broadside. There were many times when I thought I was finished but then a black/ brown spot came to light and I had more to deal with. However with doing a figure as big and as hard to do as this, it gives you a massive sense of achievement once you complete it and show it off to the world.
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