Friday, 31 May 2013

More Welshmen on the scene!

Hello Folks,

Well as promised we have the back row of this Hearth Guard unit. Even though this would normally be a full unit done (4 men) I have my units in groups of six (3 units of four halved). So I still have another two guys to do. They will probably be up next week at some point. Click read more to see more individual shots and an update on the Tau Firewarriors.
Well first of all let us get right into the individual shots since there is a lot of them, grab a cup of tea or coffee because this is going to be one long post: 

If there are any historical nuts reading this they'll probably be like, "Uhhh they aren't Welsh mate." In previous posts to this I have described that these are Saxons that I have proxied as Welsh. Because lets face it, they all ran around in chain mail, rags and helmets in those days and whose to say they didn't! :D

 And now for the second guy:

I also still have the shields to do for these guys so they will probably be up some time in the next week or two. So this is how the unit is looking so far minus the two I have still to paint:

I really like the new Gripping Beast Plastic Kits they have really out done themselves with these guys, I can't wait till they bring out more plastic kits for their stuff.

Now onto other matters. As I type this post I am nearing the final stages of completing the last two firewarriors for the second but first unit of Firewarriors. I will try and take pictures tomorrow, maybe even today and get the post up on Sunday or Monday.

Also tomorrow I am going to a Gaming Convention called Wappinshaw, here is their blogsite: Wappinshaw. They are situated in a much bigger hall this year which means more stuff to look at, And yes I'll remember my camera this time and snap up some pics of the Display Games and anything the else out of the ordinary. So if you're still here reading this I thank you for staying so long, keep a look out for the next few posts and until next time, bye for now!

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