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WAPPINSHAW Wargames Convention

Hello Folks,

Well it is yet another end to a great convention. Wappinshaw is run by Phoenix Wargames Club that can be seen above. The convention was held at Kelvin Hall, a new place to take up post since for the past 2 years we have all been crammed into a conference room in Buchanan Galleries. There will be quite a lot of pictures in this post so I will try and keep the text to a minimum. (Also most of the pictures are blurry because my camera can't take a half - decent picture of you breath whilst pressing the button, so apologies in advance. Click Read more to see pictures of some of the games and learn more about what else went on that couldn't get snapped up with a camera.
So first I'll start with the Host's game, they had boards up detailing what the game was that they were playing and what rules they were using:

And now the pictures of the game:

Unfortunately there are no more of the game because the pictures were really bad, and I mean really bad. Anyways onto the rest of them. Next we have a Very British Civil War (AVBCW) game that was played by Glasgow District Wargames Club using Bolt Action Rules:

Unfortunately this was the only real close up that actually looked half decent, apologies once again.

Quite funny to see the Boys Brigade in such a war torn environment, certainly adds perspective of what they teach them in the Church!

Next is G3 with their custom game called Xtreme-G racing on a very imaginative board, this is really good evidence for my point about how inventive gamers are getting with their terrain.

Now we have a game of Muskets and Tomahawks, unfortunately I didn't catch the name of this club but their models were fantastic and the rule set looked interesting:

Glasgow Wargames Club now with what I thought was Battlefleet Gothic but actually turned out to be a rule set way before my time, it was called Full Thrust. The terrain and battle mat looked amazing for this game. Top Notch effort!

A participation game now from Kirriemuir who brought their cavalry en mass, and gave punters the chance to be the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Also a very innovative idea from Warlord games with these small LED discs which flash red, yellow and orange light to represent fire. It really is a great idea to add technology into the game to make it more realistic.

SESWC hosted another participation game with the new Too Fat Lardies rules, Chain of Command, here is what it's about:

I certainly can't wait to try out these rules when they come out.
Ok next up is Dumbarton who set up a large scale Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I think the armies were Empire, High Elves, Bretonnians and Chaos. They also had the Game of Thrones board set up next to their game, I'm not sure why but it was probably linked in some way:

Now I'm not sure on this so correct me if I'm wrong, I believe Dumfries or another club did a game of AVBCW, The Battle of Auldearn May 1939. It was a continuation of the Battle of Elgin they did at Carronade last year:

PHEW! Well that's all the photo's of the convention. Now onto other extras which might interest you. Don't worry I'll be short and sweet. Pure Evil Miniatures have a new game out called Deathpit: I highly recommend checking it out and after seeing the figures in person and the new casts I think this game is going to go far. There were also a lot of plastic life sized weapon on sale and a lot of Samurai's checking out the stalls. Also I picked up my competition entry for next years Carronade from a trader, I think he was a trader since his stall wasn't manned by a Bring and Buys man. Anyway he had a very nicely paint Japanese Samurai Army, and I mean really nice. It's just a shame no-one picked it up. Oh and I'm leaving my entry a surprise just in case any of my competitors read my blog. HAHAHA look at me thinking I'm popular...

So conclusion of this years Wappinshaw. Even though it felt very much thrown together it was a good show. I think they under estimated the size of the hall a little bit. There was so much room they could have comfortably had another few tables of traders or games. I see Wappinshaw getting a lot bigger in the years to come.

What's to come after this post, well I'm back on track with the final Tau post going up tomorrow and maybe even my first unit of Hearthguard done later on in the week. Wow OK deep breath, yes you did just read all of that but was it worth it? I hope so, it took me ages to write it up! OK thank you very much for reading my review of Wappinshaw, the next few posts will be much shorter I promise. So until next time, bye for now!

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