Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Saga Hearthguard unit can almost smell victory!

Hello Folks,

Well today has been a very productive day modelling wise. I have started to build the next lot of Tau stuff, Vespids and Aun'Shi so be looking forward to that. However more to the point of this post I have finished painting my first Saga Hearthguard Unit and my first ever Saga Unit. I have also completed the shields. So click read more to see close up shots of these guys and their unit along with their shields.

Well I have a lot of close up shots so I'll do them first then I'll talk more about the other stuff:



And now the standard Bearer:

The cloak for the Leader was done with the same technique described in a White Dwarf article. You make the basecoat dark and build up with thin layers making the colour lighter each time. I think I'll have to try this for all the capes and large areas of fabric I do. And now the group shot of how the unit is looking so far:

Now these shields were a right royal pain to do, because the Scottish weather decided it was going to be nice and sunny. Making my room a sauna and the paints dry up as quick as a flash. However I think I prevailed and the final results are most pleasing for me:

Now that I have a good understanding of how to paint these shields and soldiers I think a small tutorial is in order. However I'll have to do it on a good day for painting and a good day for taking pictures and normally those two don't mix but we'll see. Next images will be the finalised guys with glued on shields and flocked bases. Thanks for reading and until next time, bye for now!

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