Friday, 14 June 2013

Aun'Shi Ethereal: Tau Blademaster

Hello Folks,

Well today has been a long and laborious week for me. I have just started my new set of subjects this week and have been revising profusely every night. However I have managed to paint up the Aun'Shi Ethereal but it hasn't been easy. The short gaps of time to paint and the very warm and repelling weather has made the painting experience somewhat chore like. However do not fear I am not losing hope just taking some time to vent. I haven't added a picture yet because I really like how this model has come out and I feel you would get more of a kick out of it my clicking Read More and see the picture for the first time as your browser loads. Be sure to click to know all the new skills I learnt and where they all came from, with full praise going to those who though it up and so I don't look like a glory snatcher. Be sure to check it out:
So first of all I'll reward all of those who had the time to click the link and I'll explain each area with the picture that has the best view point of it. Here is Aun'Shi:

So with the above picture You can clearly see the loin cloth covering his alien bits. First of all I would like to say there was more gradual tones on the cloth, however after several (tear your hair out) tries to do the freehand the gradual tones were lost but I think I managed to recover it.

From the above picture we can see the inside of the cape which was done with a Rhinox hide base, a layer of Skrag brown and a highlight of Deathclaw brown and a wash of Abaddon black into the recesses.

Well first off the whole model was undercoated white, a wash of Deathclaw Brown was applied to the cape and gradually got dark (i.e make it watery at the start and add more paint to make it a darker wash. The raised areas were then layered with Ungor Flesh, a 1:1mix of Ungor Flesh with Foundry's Raw Linen 30C, then it was highlighted further with a 2:1 mix of White Scar with Ungor flesh. And the final highlight was white scar.

Now I have left the blade, the gold and the skin till last because these are the areas I researched for. So first of all the blade was done using Garfy's NMM tutorial over at Tale of Painters: NMM Tutorial , this tutorial was very easy to follow and gives great insight to those who are unfamiliar with NMM techniques, like myself.

The Gold was done using a tutorial from Novas Tutorials. I also found this one really useful because it was just 3 simple colours, brown, yellowy brown and white, the only thing you need to add in is the shading. I thoroughly recommend checking it out: Gold NMM Tutorial

And finally the skin. The skin was taken from the PDF file you can get online by typing 'Tau Ethereal Skin Tutorial'. It is from the 'Eavy Metal Team. No links for this one in case I get into any trouble, you know what the evil empire is like! :D.

Wow that was a lot of information to write down and for you to take in. I haven't really done a 'Skills Learnt Post' in a while but I felt as if it was about time to considering there were so many new things I did with this model. Next up will be more from the Saga Army. I think I'll take a break from Tau since I have next week as my last week of school and the following week I'm away to New York.  Thanks for reading, I might be able to squeeze in a post next week and until next time, bye for now.

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