Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Completed Welsh Hearthguard unit!

Hello Folks,

Well another busy day today. Maybe not so much wargaming wise but I just had my last exam after lunch WOOHOO but then I start school again tomorrow AWW! I also undercoated the next set of Tau figures, the six Vespids and the Tau Ethereal. I also finished basing the Welsh Hearthguard unit which went fairly quickly since the weather was so warm. Click Read More to see close ups of each rank and what I did for the shields.

Well first let's do the last images of this unit then I'll get down to talking:

Sorry the next image is a bit blurry.

And now onto the back rank:


And a better shot of the back row in the unit. WE HAVE THE WELSH FACTOR!:

So how did I do the shields. Well first I scoured the web for images of Dark Age Shield designs. I put them up on my tablet next to me and zoomed in on the one I wanted. For the rabbits and the more intricate designs I then took Dawnstone grey and watered it down a little bit. I then outlined where I wanted the design to go then slowly brought the design up with the white (or red for the serpent). All in all it took me about half an hour to forty minutes to do each shield that had a design on it. I'm not sure if I can do a tutorial because I don't think my camera would be able to pick up the watered down grey but I'll try. I'll definitely do a tutorial for painting the actual soldiers, but that will be quite a while away.

So next up will be the Tau Ethereal Aun'Shi and also I'll be back to the usual infrequent posting due to school commitments. Well thanks for reading and until next time, bye for now!


  1. You've done a great job on them.

    They are all great but the serpent shield especially is really strong. Looking forward to the tutorial.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. It's funny that you say the serpent stands out because I just played a game with them today and it was actually the rabbits that got all the attention, most of the comments were 'surely Dark Age warriors wouldn't have painted flopsy on their shield...' :D


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