Monday, 3 June 2013

Squad 1 Reporting for Duty, Sir!

Hello Folks,

Well as promised I have the final pictures of the finished Firewarrior Squad. I am really pleased with how these guys turned out, also how quickly it took me to paint them in such a short space of time. These pictures were taken just moments before they were boxed up and sent off to their rightful owner. Click Read More to see more pictures and a final group shot of the  second class of the 41st Millenia:
Lets see the pictures: 

 After painting these guys it has made me realise I should update the painting tutorial with better pictures and the list of paints I used to paint them with. The new GW paints are really proving to be real competitors in the big painting world. Now for the group shot:

So up next will be more from the Saga hearthguard and their shields. I am slowly but surely regretting to decide to paint my shield designs but who knows they might turn out ok. A nice short post for today, thanks for reading and until next time, bye for now!


  1. That's really nice work, congrats!

  2. Thanks, I was really glad to get these guys done, there is so much detail you have to do on them, it's unreal! But I suppose when I eventually get round to to Devilfish this will seem easy in comparison. Thanks again for the comment, it is much appreciated.


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