Thursday, 9 May 2013

A stone cold conclusion...

Hello Folks,

Well the time is nigh, my competition entry for Falkirk has been completed. Many things have changed about my plan for the competition, including figure, base, paint job, basically anything you can think of I changed it, even up until the last minute. Original plans suck anyways! :D I originally thought of putting this guy on a plinth with a scenic base. However I contacted my plinth maker too late and I had to re - think my idea, see proof, I wasn't lying! If I tally up my time from sprue to completion it would be about 20 hours or so. Now I know that doesn't seem long but I have had to do it in small stages over a long period of time. I am really happy with how this guy turned out and I really hope he can bring home the gold.

And without further a do here he is:

The base was done by collecting a couple of slate stones, washing them, deciding on a position, taking the top stone and drilling a couple of placed holes in it, gluing the stones together and putting the figures feet pins in the the holes with glue. The grass was added later, it is mini'N'atur two colour grass tuft. Normally you would have to put super glue on with them but they actually stick quite well to the stones without it. I also took a couple of aerial views to get a better look at the base:

Now I have to ask you of your opinion on a decision I cannot make. I feel that the stones should be put on a base like so:

However my Dad thinks the figure looks better without the base. So I now kindly ask if you can put your ideas in the comments below so that I can get another opinion before I make my decision. As most of you know the competition is on Saturday, if any of you live in Scotland and are planning to go to the Falkirk Carronade and see me lurking about somewhere come over and say hi (if you don't know what I look like have a look at my profile picture :D). I would really appreciate it and I can answer any questions you have, you probably don't but a simple greeting would do. Here is a link about the Carronade if you are wondering how to get there: Falkirk Carronade. Well this will be the last new miniature post for a while, I might put a post up on Saturday night or Sunday morning if I win anything and any good purchases I got. So until next time, bye for now.

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