Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Time to start a Saga of Posts!

Hello Folks,

I actually thought of putting this post up later on in the week but since I took these pictures I have had some advancements on my painting desk. Click read more to see more pictures and the techniques used for painting this guy.
So this is a colour test figure for my new Welsh Saga Army. This is also the first Dark Age model I have ever painted. This will break up the Tau every now and again so that my blog doesn't just become Tau orientated. I experimented with the armour/ sword, the fabric, his flesh and his hair. I will show you the pictures and then tell you after each one what I did. This may also lead to a painting tutorial at some point down the line. So hear are the rest of the pictures:

First I will start with a basic description of how the armour was done. The whole model was undercoated black. A dry brush of Runefang steel was done to all the chain mail, helmet and sword, gold decals were done also. A wash of Hawk Turquoise was then applied to all areas with metallic paint on them, then once dry a black wash was done. I initially did Nuln Oil but it wasn't strong enough so I watered down some Abaddon Black because it dulled down the turquoise. Boltgun metal was lightly dry brushed as a mid tone to the whole model excluding the gold bits. Then a further highlight was done by dry brushing Runefang steel to areas I wanted lighter. The gold was then applied again and acted as its own highlight.

The fabric was done with a very simple technique given to me by James Wappel. Start of with a mid tone of Scab Red. Mix it will a blue, I used Ultramarine Blue because it gave me the right kind of shading I wanted. Darker blue would only be used for rich red fabric. After the wash re-do the mid tone on the raised edges, then slowly mix in some Tau Light Ochre for progressing highlights.

His flesh was done by painting all flesh areas white. Followed my a Rhinox Hide brown wash. Then followed by Cadian Fleshtone which was then highlighted with Foundry Flesh B. Bandages were done the same way I did the bandages on the kroot rifle, which can be seen under the tutorials tab at the top. Since there wasn't much hair on him it was easy to get away with a basecoat of dark brown and mixing in some XV-88 brown to get highlights. And here are the others in various states of completion:

The one on the left is the nearest to completion the other two have just had their final washes on their armour and the basecoat done else where. Well after this lengthy post I'm afraid I'll have to end it there. Thanks for reading, if you're painting a Saga army or any other Dark Age army I'd love you to let me know in the comments, it will be good to hear what other people have on the go. So until next time, bye for now.

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