Thursday, 30 May 2013

Second Welsh Hearthguard Man!

Hello Folks,

Well I bet you're wondering what's wrong with me since I have managed to do three posts in a week. The fact of the matter is these guys are just so easy to paint and since they're mine I'm not really too bothered about how well it turns out. Having said that I am really happy with how this guy turned out, especially the fabric and flesh. Read more to see more pictures and find out what's coming next.
Well first I'll show you some more pictures of this guy:

What I love most about these guys apart from the ease of painting is the individuality that comes with each kit. There are so many possible combinations that even with the 54 I have made up not one of them are the same. And even if your stuck with seeing twins the kits with these guys are so easy to convert. Is it showing how much I love these new plastic kits?

Bases will be done once each unit is completed. I have painted the other two guys with this unit so I just have the leader and standard bearer of this unit to complete before I will base them. And here he is with his buddy:
So what's coming up next after this. Since I have finished the other two guys of the rear rank they will be going up tomorrow. Then after them will be the final Tau post of which I only have two more Firewarriors to do. Then after that will be the shields of these guys, if you are unfamiliar with the Dark Age shields then I'll tell you why I am doing them separately. It is because they have fancy designs on them etc etc so it is much easier to do them then glue them on. You'll see once I finish them, maybe even a small tutorial on planning out your shield design. We'll see. Well thanks very much for reading and until next time, bye for now!

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