Monday, 6 May 2013

Not one, but TWO XV88 Broadsides!

Hello Folks,

I spent last week undercoating and painting my commissioned Tau. I undercoated two broadsides and a firewarriors. The broadsides were a massive pain to build, I'm sure every Tau player can sympathise with me and anyone else who was building those fragile chickens of death! It took be about 6 hours for each broadside. There were many times when I thought I was finished but then a black/ brown spot came to light and I had more to deal with. However with doing a figure as big and as hard to do as this, it gives you a massive sense of achievement once you complete it and show it off to the world.

So without further or do here are the pics:

This broadside was done so it looked pretty much the same as the one in the old codex. Plus and minus a few extras.

And now for number two:

This broadside was my own creation in terms of colour positioning and freehand Sept markings.

Now if any of you have seen my previous Tau posts you will have noticed that I gave each squad a different coloured Sept. For broadsides this was not the case, mainly because at some point I'd run out of colours, but also broadsides aren't always in a squad they can be all alone. However these two have formed a close bond:

I only have one more broadside to do after this then I won't have to paint them again, until I get around to my own. I still haven't really chosen a colour scheme for my Tau I did do a test miniature a while ago but I'm not sure of that colour scheme, here is a picture of him:

Put in the comments below what you think, whether I should keep this idea or change it.
Next post will be on my Falkirk Painting Competition Entry, I have picked up the materials for my base, it's just a matter of making it now. Pictures will hopefully go up during the week. Also I have just got the new Tau codex and what a mighty fine codex it is. I'll probably post up army lists and tactics over the summer period, maybe even battle reports. So until next time, bye for now.


  1. Really nice work here matey!
    About the firewarrior:
    Green is a good accent for both but I'm not sure about the two colors go well together(red and purple)...I really like how you painted them.though.
    Great work!

  2. Thanks Malthus. Yeah I kinda felt the same, hence why I asked. Luckily for me I'm not in any rush to paint my Tau which leaves a lot more time for experimentation with colour schemes. Nice work from your end as well, I really like the pathfinders.


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