Sunday, 28 April 2013

Final Tau Post: Drone Squadron

Hello Folks,

Sorry that the title is a bit naff I might change it if I can come up with something better. This will be the final Tau post for a while, I still have to undercoat models but I spent today cleaning them up and prepping them. As I said in the previous post it will be my diorama that will be taking to the stage.
But for now here are the drones:

Each drone has different markings, they don't really mean anything, just some dots and lines I added to make them look more Tau'ish.

These drones were painted using the same technique that can be found in my painting tutorial tab at the top of my blog.

Group Shot of all the drones I have painted so far, excluding the shield drones.

And here is a better view of the top, to see the cross-hair markings on the drones. I did this so that you know which drone is part of a squad and not meant to be on a tank. Also to show off and practise free hand. This week coming will be a busy week with 3 exams in 5 days. So I won't expect any posts in the next week/ week and  a half. Also I'd like to say a big thank you to all the people who have viewed my blog, it makes it all worth while to know that people are appreciating the effort you put in, bye for now!

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