Thursday, 26 July 2012

Re-Krooting over... Time for War!

Hello again,

As promised I have finished the last of the Kroot. I have been seeing many green lizards in my dreams since I started painting these. It feels good to have finished 16 Kroot, 2 Krootox and one Shaper. The other Shaper will be done later after I have finished the Firewarriors of which will be consuming my blog for the next week or so. Only 3 and a bit weeks left of my holidays, and when I get back to school it will probably be 1 or 2 at max posts per week, I might even go to 0 a week. The joys of exams... but that's still a long time away so no point in fretting about that. Onto the pictures:

As you can see, the bases have been painted with Rhinox Hide (Scorched Brown) with the idea in mind to begin the basing process of flocking. Watch this space as I will try and get them done by tonight. Bye for now.

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