Friday, 27 July 2012

Disco Inferno - Fire Caste joins the party

Hello Folks,

I am still waiting for the flock/scatter to dry on the bases as I don't want it messing up the battle mat! Anyway I did manage to paint up a test model for the Firewarriors using the new Games Workshop paint. I will try and do a painting guide for these guys as well once I get the process idiot proof and easy to understand. This model took me a couple of hours to paint, so not too long which is a good sign if I want to get things done at a faster rate. I may get another two or three done by the end of tomorrow along with the images of the first group done. Phew that's going to be a long day. Onto the pictures:

Stay Tuned for more tomorrow! Enjoy the Olympic opening Ceremony! Don't get too drunk! Hiccup! Ooops! Too late!

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