Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Time to Re-Kroot!

Hello folks,

Another batch of Tau done between yesterday and today, eight Kroot and one Krootox. These Kroot have been done to the 'clients' specification not the same style to the scheme in the codex. I had done a scheme similar to this when I had a few kroot spare to mess about with. I might, if I have the time, get those pictures on the blog so you can all see them. :). I have taken WIP photos throughout the process of today's painting to create a painting guide, so I will try and upload that tonight once I have completed it. I'm just not sure where to display it on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled folks! o_O And now onto the Kroot:

I have done the Kroot in groups of four, this is to create different groups of hair highlights. These guys are the Indigo Kroot. Well pampered killing machines! Don't touch their hair or they'll eat you! :)

And these guys are the red squad. 'They're scary and they know it!' In these photos you can see that the bases are 'tacky'. I have left them like this because I am waiting till I get enough done then I'll base them all and take pictures of the lot. So bare with me. :)

I am doing the Krootox with a turquoise highlight in their hair. This is to show the difference in status between normal kroot and the shapers. I still have another 8 kroot, one krootox and two shapers left to do. But as I said at the beginning keep your eyes peeled for the painting guide. Until then, bye for now. :)

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