Friday, 20 July 2012

Time for a wee break!

Hello again,

I am sorry for the delay with the pictures of the final Krootox and you will have to wait a while longer as I am leaving today and will not be back till Saturday afternoon. I will try and get them posted then. In the meantime here is a quick wee interval post of something different so that you don't all get bored :). Here we have a Dwarf Swordsman from West Wind miniatures. I picked him up at the Falkirk Cannonade Games Convention. This was a few months back when I was just starting out painting and trying out different techniques. I bought this one to practise fabric shadowing and highlights. I even managed to try some NMM (Non-metallic-metal) on the sword and helmet, boy was that an up hill struggle. I do want to try NMM again because practise makes perfect! :) Now onto the pictures:

I do have another West Wind Mini from the same faction as this guy but a different unit. I will only post that when I am in the same situation as just now, or when the Tau are completely finished. Bye for now.

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