Wednesday, 1 January 2014

NEWS: 2013 Re-cap (and 2014 resolutions?)


Hello Folks,

Well another year has gone by in the big bad world, I honestly cannot believe how fast it has been. The Blog is almost two years old I did not believe I would be able to keep it going this long. I would now like to reflect over the past year to see how much I have painted. So don't worry this is going to be a short post!
Alas the first model I put up on the blog was a 'Before and After' of the White Dwarf Subscription Goblin Warboss. I gave him a new lick of paint because I wanted to try out some NMM and a little bit of wet blending. I was really pleased with this model as I didn't even paint the flock that was already on the base!

After I painted the Goblin I was working on many projects but I didn't have anything finished so I did a bit of clearing up and refurbishment on the site. I changed the aesthetics and re-uploaded the tutorials so that they are easier to view.

Well after a very productive February - *Snigger*- Hey! Stop Laughing! ;) I found my mojo and showed off the first few photos of my Reaper Haranobu model. A lot of time and effort went into painting him and I was pleased with the results:

This month saw the coming of some much need R&R, with two weeks worth of holidays it was a painter's paradise. I finally the completed the second Kroot Shaper which had been collecting dust for over a year and I finished my first squad of Battlesuits, to which I name the bane of my life! I also managed to paint the remaining drones I had undercoated which finished off a 9 man gun drone squad complete with decals:

With more exams looming ever so near I had to try and use what little time I had in between studying to paint some more Tau. I finished off two XV88Broadsides, a moment which I cherished for a long time considering how long the things take to paint every single ... anyways :) Captain Haranobu progressed so that he stood upon a rock, ready and waiting to take to the stage at Falkirk:

And to my surprise this little guy won the Junior Category in the Falkirk painting competition, I was so amazed. All that hard work just seemed to pay off and it makes all the more worthwhile. This was definitely the highlight of my painting year, the picture of the trophy can be seen at the top. And what's more, I continued to paint for the remaining weeks in May. I started my Welsh Saga Army and completed a good number of models before the end of the month. I also completed my second squad of Firewarriors, my favourite models out of the Tau:


This month saw the completion of my Hearthguard unit (Seen above). And also a laborious project of painting Aun'Shi. I really enjoyed painting this model as I could try out Garfy's NMM painting tutorial and I also did a little bit of wet blending on the fabric:


After a well deserved summer break I was back at the painting again before school started. I thought I should get some colours on some of my Tau models, this led to the blue and orange colour scheme which I am really proud of. I also finished painting(but not fully completing) a squad of Warriors for Saga. On top of that I also painted another Nick Lund Barbarian, more Kroot for the commission and I started to paint up some Vespids:

And that my friend's is 2013 recapped. The remaining months of the year have been taken up with vast amounts of school work, not a great excuse but it's the truth. I find this really helpful looking back at all my achievements over the year, a shared experience with all of you who view the blog whether a first timer or a regular.
2014 Resolutions
My resolution for 2014 is to study hard and ... oh wait wrong time. For 2014 I think I will just keep to the resolution of painting whenever I can. I won't set my self silly deadlines and massive projects, this year is going to be a slow one with not much happening. However I hope the stuff I do get done is going to be amazing and I really think you shouldn't miss it. I would like to wish you all a happy and wealthy New Year and look forward to talking to you again. Thanks for reading and bye for now!

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