Sunday, 7 December 2014

Vespids: Well, well, well. What have we here?

Hello Folks,

Long time no type, eh? Well 2014 has been busy for us all. I would like to re-ignite this blog with a small spark to get it back off of the ground. The starting blocks have been gathering quite a lot of dust but I hope to push off with this post for some regular typified conversations with you lovely folks reading this at home. After the break I'll give you a small insight into what I have been doing and how I hope to get back into gaming over the next few months.
So what has been occupying my attention since April. I sat my A-levels and got 5 A's, I went on holiday, and after the summer break I started focusing on my final year studies at school. Applying to universities and such, for which I want to study Law, one university required me to sit an exam, which I sat only just last week. And generally I have become very involved with my school affairs this year - organising Prom, charity events, concerts and fundraisers etc. All in all life has been good but busy and I hope to invest some of my time re-living the blogging life. Has anything changed?

Moreover, this blog is about my painting and I have some real special snapshots of the finished Vespids. They may be time consuming but they are such lovely models - in my opinion.

From what I can remember, subtlety would be the word used to describe the painting technique required for painting these models. One must not simply lump and layer the paint on the surface but lightly glaze and slowly build up the defining layers.

Some dynamic shots to see those patterned pads at the shoulders. I think looking through the photographs to has creatively sparked my mind to think about painting again, I wonder how other painters and modellers get back into the hobby to regain their motivation. I for one will try painting at least an hour a week, that's only ten minutes a day really, to get some paint on the figures instead of dust.
I am really proud I managed to conquer the vile Vespids, for too long have some gamers spun terrible tales of the Vespids on and off the table, saying how hard they were to build etc and not get much back in return on the table. Something, I hope that changes over the course of my, eh... lifetime...

I did have some more close ups but I feel I should start off small with my posts and get bigger over time. Let me know what you think about the Vespids either in the comments or by liking the post. If you like my content please feel free to browse any or all of my post. Don't go too far back though, some of those first posts can be embarrassing...

Thanks for reading! Next up could be a piranha or some saga miniatures. Time to read up on the current events within the gaming community so I don't seem to out of touch.

It's good to be back.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous vespids. I don't think I've ever seen these models in person. There is a ton of work put into these, and they really are lovely. Good job!

    1. You are too kind sir! Vespids are a rarity on the table, it really is a shame for such fantastic models. Thanks for checking out the blog, much appreciated. :)


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