Saturday, 13 October 2012


Hello again folks, it has been 4 weeks since my last post and I have done very little. I have based the Tau Firewarriors, Pathfinders and Battlesuits. I have painted 4 drones, I am working through 5 drones, Kroot Shaper and a Battlesuit. All at various stages of completion. I have some one off pics just showing off the basing and a sneak peek at the drones I have completed. I also have some questions for anyone willing to answer them. Here are the pictures:

And now for the questions section of this post:

INTRODUCTION: I am planning to create a Diorama for a local painting competition that is happening next year. My idea is very simple as it is my first attempt at one, I will have a Barbarian (Grenadier Barbarian Cap'n) standing in the middle of the diorama on a mound or small hill. A small burn will flow in front of him and various shrubbery and rocks will surround him.

Q1. What materials should I look into using for the burn, the rocks and the hill?
Q2. Should I mount the diorama on a plinth or leave it as a free standing base?
Q3. Should I leave a 'base space' for the figure to be placed on OR because it is a pre-slotta base should I just make it a diorama and leave him there forever?

Bear in mind I am painting the figure separately and any answers are much appreciated. Answers do not have to be long, if you leave any links to good tutorials I will be very grateful. Bye for now.

P.S. sorry for the length of this post and please look out for my photos from the Flickr pool on GW. My name there will be MCNALIEN. Thanks for reading.


  1. You should look at this website:

    That tutorial shows how to make some beautiful hills. Not sure if that is what you're looking for, but hopefully it will be helpful. (You should also look under "DIY" and "Project Logs" tabs for wome other very inspirational terrain)

    And I saw you posted a comment on Tale of Painters asking about GW Blood paint. I used to use GWs red ink for blood, but they don't make it anymore, and I don't know of any other GW paint that looks good for blood.
    I just got a pot of Tamiya clear red and it makes the best blood effects I've ever seen. I would highly reccomend it.
    Where I bought it:

    A nice tutorial on using it:

    Hope some of that is helpful!

  2. Thanks mate!

    This post about the questions is pretty null and void now since I have had time to think of other ideas, however I shall make use of the hill making tutorial.

    And getting GW red ink won't be a problem since I went by when one of my local stores when they were closing and managed to get a lot. TAMIYA CLEAR RED! that's the one! Thanks for that :D I need it for one of my diorama ideas. I will look at the tutorial as well. It's quite funny though how when I posted hardly anyone looked at my blog but then as soon I leave it for a couple of months folk start to rack up the viewing. Thanks again, it was very helpful! :D

  3. No problem! And another quick idea, if you want to get your blog noticed a bit more you should look at this:

    If you send him an e-mail with the link to your blog, and a quick description, we will add it to his blogroll and he does a post showcasing the newly added blogs. It's a great way to get a bigger audience since he has almost 1000 subscribers.


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