Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Before and After...

Hello Folks,

I painted this miniatures sometime in Autumn of 2012. It is a Goblin Warboss that you could only get through the White Dwarf subscription many moons ago. I first painted this miniatures when I was 10, that was when I first picked up a brush, but then I stopped soon after that as I was young and had better things to do! I then thought I should try and re-paint it to give it the nice lick of paint it most deservely needs. I still think there are many aspects of this figure that could be done better, however I most certainly think it would make a ncie addition my Orcs and Gobbos army. They will soon make their appearance on the blog when I start to archive my figures so I have a record of all my lovely plastic and metal figures. The picture quality isn't that great on these photos, however you can still make out all of the fine details.

First: The Before...

As you can see there isn't much in the way of highlighting and shadowing.

This figure for me was very plain to look at, I now knew a lot more about colours on a figure how 2 should contrast and 1 should tie them up. For example, if you have a red and blue, try and have a purple somewhere to tie them in. It is a very good system if you are struggling with your colour schemes for bloodbowl teams or armies.

And now the Afters...

With this figure I tried NMM again on the sword and chain mail.  However I couldn't try NMM- Gold because my palette is very limited and I didn't have the colours to attempt this with. At some point once I have perfected the NMM style I will put up a series of Tutorials for all the avid painters wishing to progress their technique, like me.

The before and after posts will become more frequent in 2015 and beyond, once I finish my exams and I have time to paint up my own Tau army. The test figure can be seen here, Test Colour Miniature. Let me know what you think of the re-vamp. Would you have done anything differently, or have you attempted something like this on one of your own minis? Say so in the comments below. Bye for now

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  1. Like your work and your blog. I find it to be full of enthusiasm. I like the gobo. Great work.


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