Saturday, 24 January 2015

Attempted daylight robbery at Waterloo!

Hello one and all!
Time to start typing away again for this weeks post. Some weeks ago I was invited to play a fun game of Shako 2 using a massive sand pit - yes that's right a sand pit. It covers the full length of the room and is really spectacular to see. The sand is first moulded into shape - a vigorous process so I'm told - and then flocked with coloured finely ground saw dust. Words cannot convey it's grandure but the pictures to follow will hopefully do it justice!

So the scenario is fictional - and a true joy to play may I add - but is roughly based around the time of Waterloo. A French convoy is making it's way across the plains but they are carrying some precious cargo of which the Spanish would like very much. My force was to act as the blockade for the ambush that was going to be carried out by my comrades. However the deployment of their forces was random - not necessarily creating the best plan execution.
On one side was the Spanish - partly controlled by me and another 3 gentlemen. The picture above represents the force I was using - two batteries of artillery a Regiment of Zamora and some Campo Mayor in the farm house at the back.
 One of my hombres' with 4 regiments of infantry and skirmishers and one unit of cavalry with a Commanding Officer. (Please bear with the Spanglish it gets worse I'm afraid!)
Then the main force came in! Unfortunately it was at the back and therefore did not take part in the battle - at all. No matter how hard we willed them on, the precious cargo offered no motivation to the troops.
 And so we meet our foe. The French contingent.
 The CO of the French.
 The baggage train was about 6 carts long I think and they only needed to get half of them off the board. It was going to be a difficult game.
Precious fools gold! One the Conquistador wanted for his horde.

However the French were not alone. The baggage train had allies in a neighbouring village, more importantly another battery of horse artillery and several units of cavalry. These units needed to be activated by a French Officer and they played an important role towards the end of the battle.

Reinforcements of the Spanish move in to deal with the advancing French. My artillery provided suppressing fire for a good number of turns. Large noises but no damage! Needing fours and rolling threes seemed to be the theme throughout my dice rolling.

 The Spanish wheel to face the advancing French and even with them being so close the Spanish artillery still fail to hit their mark. A change of dice was made here! Confidence is growing in the participating Spanish ranks, they are slowly driving a wedge through the French defence.
Good things come to those who wait! The Conquistador will be pleased! A partial hit on the unit, dazed the French line, billowing smoke and gun pounder causes confusion within their ranks and the confidence of the Spaniards makes them push on!
The Campo Mayor observe from the farm house waiting for their time to pounce. Amidst the confusion of the battle a unit of Spanish line move round the back awaiting the inevitable cavalry and baggage cart to pass them by.
 The dazed French line lose sight of all sense and make a last ditch attempt to saves themselves my charging the artillery. However, the steadfast Spanish hold the line and significantly defeat the French in combat. San Miguel all round!!!
The artillery prove their worth and show that they are not proficient in shooting blasted guns but stabbing with sharpened steal!
The Spanish fuelled with confidence are guided by their CO to push forward onto the baggage train which diverts its attention towards the advancing Spanish force. The battle is ours - the French lack sufficient numbers to defend their precious cargo!
 With the baggage train otherwise preoccupied the Campo Mayor move in and take the first two carriages and block the others behind the trees! Yet in the fury and lust of battle the Spanish fail to see the mass dust cloud of French Cavalry making their way across the plain to help their comrades. The Spanish form square to brace for their deaths.
With the some of the baggage train destroyed the Campo Mayor have little time to celebrate as the French Cavalry charge in to avenge their battle brothers. And in one foul swoop of French swords the Campo Mayor were no more - the road was clear - the battle lost.

Soon after the Campo Mayor went down there was no one left to stop the convoy. The French cavalry charged in behind the Spanish and slayed them where they stood. The remaining Spanish contingent bringing up the rear held off the French but ultimately stayed at a stand still until the convoy with the goods was out of town. A French victory and Spanish loss. Adios luchan hermanos!

To see a full battle report please gander at : The man who runs the blog is the one who hosted us and owns the massive sand pit for us big kids. Please go over there and show your appreciation for the day was very enjoyable which I hope I have managed to convey in this report!

I hope you liked this change of pace to the blog, I will try to post mostly on a Sunday unless I'm very productive! Battle reports and not really my forte so criticism is welcome in the comment section!
Next up is more Tau so watch this space! Thanks for Reading and until next time, bye for now!

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