Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Watch your back! Firewarrior Squad IV reporting for duty!

 Hello one and all!

What a busy time it has been, I hope you are all keeping well. I have been busy painting, studying and golfing - unfortunately not in that order as a certain 'S' word was taking priority. But I'm back, bolstered and busy with my big ol' battle brush to bring my Tau painting up to date! Read on to see some more shots of this new squad:

Welcome inside the Page Break! I am very excited to get back into blogging and I will bring you as high quality pictures as I can. Currently I am using my phone's camera and the images seem to turn out well. If any PhotoBuffs are reading this I am welcome to cheap/ budget camera set ups being recommended to me. On to the pictures!
I slightly changed my technique for painting these guys, it made painting them a lot quicker and easier. By painting the right arm holding the gun separately made those hard to reach areas of the front armour section easier to get to and even the helmet. So too did I paint the Shoulder Pads separately for the same reason. The simplest way I did this was to either superglue or bluetac the arm (since superglue is so brittle it easily snaps off but then you are 'wasting' superglue) to a bit of old spru and attach this to my wooden stick I use to undercoat figures on. Again with the shoulder pads.
Now as to actually painting the different parts of the model, contrary to the painting guide as seen here: How to paint a Firewarrior ; I painted the fabric with Rhinox Hide, and then continued to use that with a thick wash, (1 part water 3 parts paint), to paint in the lines you see in the armour. Now you have completely missed out the 'lining in' stage.
Now we get our detail brush out and start to paint the panels of the model with the Skrag Brown - progressing to Tau Ochre - leaving the Rhinox Hide in the grooves. Don't get me wrong, the odd slip will allow the lighter colours to filter in to the grooves but I promise you it saves at least an hour per model when you only need to 'line in' the mistakes. Then once you have the two layers of Tau Ochre continue as per tutorial with highlighting.

I hope this post finds you well, I would love to see this blog really gain some speed over the next few weeks. Next up I will showcase the second half of this squad, if you have any questions regarding anything I have tried to explain please do not hesitate to ask - it is just my rust showing through the text! And until next time, bye for now!


  1. The photos here are actually really well done. Really you are just missing a bit of bounce light from underneath. You can do some tricks under the camera with bouncing light off a piece of paper to underlit them a bit.

    But really mini photography secret is generally just tripods and/or a timer, so you don't touch anything when it snaps the photo!

  2. Thank you! My photo skills are a bit rusty but I will definitely look to try what you said. I am in a great area where I can get a lot of natural light into my room so the paper will hopefully work. Much appreciated!


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