Monday, 7 September 2015

Filling in the Ranks! Firewarrior Squad IV: Part 2


Once again we find ourselves on the war torn front line of the Tau Empire. As I have heard there are rumours going about for a new Tau codex. I have no idea how pivotal they will be in this codex. From my experience with the current codex a solid Firewarrior line is deadly, but the last time I played 40k was 6th edition so my opinion may be out dated. I have had a blast painting these guys but alas it is my last firewarrior squad for this army. Read on to here what my thoughts are for these models and what could be done for possible new kits in the new codex.

With the sprue, we have a limited number of characteristic options. What I mean by this is models pointing, shouting or scratching their head. All of the models have no flare, no life. Yes this gives us the modeller and the gamer the chance to modify these models. But most just have enough time to build, paint then play, not cut apart 6 out of 12 models just for a bit of flare.
I reckon if GW added a bit of dynamism into their basic kits, we as the consumer would be happier to pay the price for their models. Using the new plastic pathfinder as an example, you pay £20 for 13 models, with that kit you can get 3 rail rifles, 3 ion rifles, and a range of the pulse carbines etc but what these models have is dynamism. They have models reloading, resting hands on guns and using binoculars etc This is what GW need to do, put some effort into their models and consumers will put the effort in to buy their models and showcase them more.
Now with the firewarriors these same poses can easily be adopted and since they make up the most of the army they will look fantastic. Just think if you have 5 squads that is 60 models. If you have to paint and build 60 models EXACTLY the same it will get boring to do and boring to look at.
However, what I do like about the models is how their simplistic nature can be made to look eccentric. What I mean is that when all the lines and small details are painted and then the models put together they do look fantastic. Which may seem contradictory to my previous statements but this generic Tau scheme adds to making them looking good compared to maybe a custom made one by someone with very little colour knowledge.

I will post group shots in the next couple of days. I hope that my opinions can make some amount of sense. I would like to know what you guys think, should GW redo the Firewarrior kits to be more dynamic? Is there any other kit you think they should update? Let me know down in the comments and until next time, bye for now!


  1. Exceptionally clean and well executed firewarriors.

    1. Thanks for checking them out! Group shots to come later today!


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