Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Firewarrior Squad IV: Posing for the camera!

Hello again!

A relatively quick post to showcase the full Squad IV of Firewarriors. Some close ups to follow after the break!

As you can see from these close ups I have toned down the amount of additional detail I was putting into them compared to the previous ones. I learned that less is actually more, as long as the less covers the correct areas!

The one thing I have mastered - if I do say so myself - is how to paint gems and lights etc before I had to really concentrate with a fine tipped brush but now I'm so confident I think I could use a Tank Brush! - maybe not, but one day soon!

Whoa! That's one big firewarrior! Now you can all really critique merciful! :)

As I said just a quick post to showcase some close ups. I have so many other models painted but I just need to find the time to take pictures of them. So I have no idea what is coming next. Thanks for checking these guys out, and until next time, bye for now!

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