Sunday, 13 September 2015

XV88: Hey there Mr Broadside!

 Welcome once again to my little blog!

A theme of lasts seems to be cropping up now as I start to progress through this army, and I continue with the last Broadside. I love to loathe these models, let's be honest they look really cool but they are so impractical, their tiny little legs cannot hold their massive upper bodies. GW seriously needs to get these guys to stop skipping leg day. And to be fair to them, they have. The new Broadside models are so much more practical providing a sturdy base even if they are just plastic. In my opinion it was the best remodel GW has done for a long time. Onto the pictures!

Again I kept with the theme of 'less is more' when painting this guy. I was quite surprised I managed to get the maroonish colour on the gun. This colour requires a careful mixing of colours. I have managed to find a suitable substitute to GW's 'Red Gore' with Vallejo 'Gorey Red'. (10/10 for imaginative naming eh?). This is a nice deep red that when mixed with the GW 'Kantor Blue' and 'Rhinox Hide' gives this cool colour. Try to keep it 2:1:1, Red:blue:brown, but ultimately it will be your instinct and key artistic eye that will determine whether or not you get it. For one must always remain modest with these things ;D

As always when painting it's nice to show off every now and again, so for the Plasma Guns I decided to give them some markings to indicate what they were, just in case we forget... Little touches like that really makes the  models stand out on the table and stops you from going insane when all you see are the same 3 colours slapped on the model.

And of course Vogue is making a debut into the Tau fluff so Mr Broadside wanted me to capture his 'best side' to get within a shout of making the front cover. I don't know if he will make it, he has quite a pasty complexion and is as stiff as a robot...

Away from the Dad jokes, thank you for reading! As always feedback is welcome in the comments as I am still learning! I don't know when I will next get to post but hopefully it will be soon, and until next time, bye for now!

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  1. Looking good! Definitely a big change between these guys and the newer kit. Should reward yourself with at least one new broadside (maybe as the leader of the group) after doing all this work!

    You are painting metal, so that is already pretty tough...but a few suggestions since you asked!

    1) Thinner paint. Paint is a bit thick in some spots, but this could just be how its sitting on the metal.
    2) When edge highlighting, try doing a lighter second pass, but don't do the entire edge. Just hit up corners and area where light might catch.
    3) For the areas of the main rails (like the barrel and vents), you could consider doing some charge up effects, or if not, at least paint the barrels black so they stand out from the rest of the gun.
    4) Paint the base! For a quick base, the sand works well, but if you want it to be more cohesive with the model, you can prime and paint it.

    This are just nit picks since you were looking for suggestions! The color is well done, and the lens looks great!


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