Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Devilfish Mk I: Better the Devil you know...

Hello one and all!

Days fleet past and I am so out of touch with all the wargamming madness, so I reside in my 'Hermit Hole' counting the days in paint pots, brushes and endless University Notes, obviously the former is the far more interesting to talk about. I look forward to rekindling my artistic spirit over this Christmas break. Here, we have my very first Devilfish. Read on to hear my thoughts on this new model and also a small segment on my thoughts of the new Tau...

Without further ado let us begin with some pictures!

This absolute monster takes about a week to fully paint (fortunately I did not have to build it, how lucky was that!). Using some frog tape to give the effect of the distinct Tau camouflage you work each stage with each different colour of paint required. Giving this fantastical blocky camo effect.
As always each piece has to be uniquely marked with the owner's initials with Tau lettering to stop the pesky gamers stealing this standout model. If I do say so myself! ;D
Even when one is staring down the barrel of it's gun, he cannot but admire the paintmanship! (And yes that is a word - I did not make it up...) Following are some more close ups of the Devilfish:

One bit of advice I can give for painting a model like this is patience. Just know that 5 minutes of solid work is better than crying into your good work for over an hour because you are too stressed to paint within those fine lines. Take regular breaks and always know when to call it a day. The end result will never be as you imagined it but it will always be close, accept what you have done. I salute anyone who can really pull of this paint scheme and any other camouflage. I am interested to know if any of you have tried this or any other camouflage, what were your highs and lows?
Now, some of you may have read one of my previous post when I talked about changing some things of the current Tau. And sure enough GW has delivered by some miracle. I have had a quick glance at the new Tau models and I for one love them. The Firewarriors have been given a new lease of life and they will look so cool on the table. I am elated to see this, but slightly annoyed that I will probably never use them as I still have so much to paint! A common woe for us gamers. I have yet to see how the new codex is fairing mind, along with the new rules. Do you have first or second hand experience with the new Tau? Please let me know in the comments below. Next post will hopefully be another Devilfish if I am not mistaken, along with some updates on how I painted it.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and until next time, bye for now!

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