Monday, 6 August 2012

An surprise in store, for those who have been before...


Now this post has an unexpected visitor, one that I am grateful for but it was totally unexpected. I managed to finish off another Battlesuit, this time I painted him up like a Shas'vre, the other just a normal Shas'ui. I really like the green that I used for the Sept colours, I also liked doing the free-hand flame on the flamer, I might do the same on the plasma but have it with plasma colours like blue
and green or purple and pink. Anyway here they are:

I wrote "Shas'vre" in Tau on the rim of the base to separate him out from the other Battlesuits. Thought it looked cool. Next on the agenda will most definitely be pathfinders as I have still to undercoat the other Battlesuits. There will be no posts on Tuesday or Thursday this week as I will be golfing pretty much all day. Will try and post something on Wednesday, bye for now.

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