Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nick Lund - Barbarian with Axe and Shield


I thought now would be a good time to have a wee break from Tau and focus on some of my miniatures. I painted this guy yesterday and practised a lot of blending right down to the tooth on his necklace. I also had another chance to try NMM. Some areas came out better than others but that is what learning is all about, making mistakes then capitalising on them by knowing what to do the next time. He was in terrible condition when I was given him but with a wee bit of love goes a long way. I didn't do his base but will maybe do it later. Really nice sculpt and here he is:

Surprisingly it didn't take me that long to paint him. It would be great if you could give me any tips on how to do NMM or give me a link to a good guide on how to do it. Keep your eyes peeled for the first Battlesuit, I'll post him tomorrow, bye for now.

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