Thursday, 15 August 2013

'Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!' More Vespids to the Slaughter!

Hello Folks,

Yes I have painted another Vespid to keep his Buzz Buddy company! For those of you who missed the last post, it is the one on the left that is new but there is something new on the one on the right. After some careful zooming in and close looking at all the available images I realised that they also have Strain markings on the backs of their wings. However I don't know how much there is so I limited it, after all these are commission work and not my own models so some boundaries have to not be crossed. I also have an update on the tutorial for you. So click Read More for more photos and an update!
Well first off let us see some more pictures before I bore you with words!

You can see here I have added Strain markings only on the centre of the wings, not the backs of the wings themselves, does anyone know what is meant to be 'fluff' wise for the wings?

Here is a better view from the top.

And here he is with his Buzz Buddy!

At the moment I have just applied the last bit of paint on the Vespid tutorial for today. I still have some further highlighting and details to do but after that it should be completed. I am really excited to see how well it is taken amongst the mass Tau community. For those of you who have arrived from Tale of Painters, I bid you a warm welcome to my painterly world of painting! Please take the time to browse through my other posts on the left here and leave a comment or two where necessary. Thanks for reading, I might not be able to post tomorrow, but I hope to finish the tutorial and have it live by Saturday and until next time, bye for now!

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