Sunday, 18 August 2013

They're growing in numbers!

 Hello Folks,

I have sort of fulfilled my promises for the end of the week. I have finished the tutorial, I have taken the pictures and made my notes, it's just writing it up. But I have achieved what I wanted to so that I wasn't struggling to try and finish it during my first week back at school. The Vespid you see above is the one that will take to the main stage in the tutorial. I tried to select one that had a lot of flesh on it, so the Strain Leader was out of the equation, and the other two I had left, well one is missing an antenna which was blown off during a rapid fire bolter round and the other still had it's wings to be glued on! I'm really pleased with how these Vespids are turning out, even if it takes be about 5 hours per figure. They may not be much on the battlefield but as models I love them and can't wait to get my hands on mine! Click the link to see more close ups and a group shot so far.
 Let us get straight onto the pictures:

You can see I have continued the Strain marks on the backs of the wings, even if there isn't meant to be that many.

Here is a top view to see the shoulders and head.

And here is the motley crew so far looking all good'n'tough!

 When I make the tutorial I will not make the pictures as big as this, since I will be writing a lot. I will try and experiment with different modes of viewing the pictures and see which one works well. I make tutorials the same way I paint. I don't just focus on one area then when it is done move onto the next. It is too GW'y and I don't want all my good work going to waste just because of one mishap. Hopefully my tutorial is easy to use even though it is more biased towards my painting style, I suppose you don't have to follow it exactly. I might lay out each stage like this for example:

Stage 3:
Skin: Apply Administratum Grey in layers
Gun: Apply basecoat of Skrag Brown
Claws and Nails: Apply base coat of Rhinox Hide Brown etc etc

I think that could work, cause then you can focus on one area yourself even though they are all crammed in one stage at a time. Thanks for reading, keep your eyes posted during next week for the tutorial. I will probably not get any new minis done but if the school work is thin I will try and get another Vespid done by next week and until next time, bye for now!


  1. These look great!
    Looking forward to the tutorial!

    1. Thanks for your comment. The tutorial just needs some text on it but I have had a few essays to do since school started two weeks ago. I might get it up by the end of the month. It was a shame to see your blog empty for quite some time, glad you've got things back up and running.


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