Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I believe I can fly!

Hello Folks,

Well it has been a long time coming but we eventually have our first glimpse at my attempt to paint the 'fluff' Vespids. It took me about three attempts before realising I couldn't actually do it without the correct paints. Therefore after gathering the correct materials I managed to get this guy finished over the course of an evening and part of an afternoon. After painting him with the correct paint and technique it was actually quite easy and I found it very therapeutic to paint in all the small dots and bone spikes. Read more to see more angles and a tragic update concerning the painting tutorial.
After doing a lot of research on these guys before painting them I realised that all the people who have painted them with the fluff scheme didn't take any photos from behind. This made it very hard for me to know what to do, whether or not certain areas needed the blue designs or the armour continued all the way around. You'll see what I mean when you see it:

See here, the canister at the back, should it be black or have I made the correct decision to make it ochre. Also the small bits just above the canister but under the wings, I made them flesh colour but I soon realised that it was armour. GW should really have more photos of the back of their models, especially in the codex if not on the website, to be honest, it is lazy and how hard can it be just to turn a figure to get a different angle, this is what infuriates me! Anyone else share my pain or is it just the mad Scotsman needing a solid cuppa' tea! :D

Here is a better angle from the top to see the shoulders, again I feel the same way about this angle. XD

The base is still to be done, much like the kroot. I am going to wait until I get all 6 done before I base them since I find it better to do the bases in bulk so I am not wasting anything. I am not going to tell you how I painted certain areas as I want to let the tutorial to the talking in that department. However if you would like to know how I painted any part of the model let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to share.

Now onto the depressing news concerning the tutorial. I was happily spending my afternoon painting the Vespid step by step taking pictures and I am almost finished. I took the SD card and put it into the computer and transferred the photos and had a look at how good they turned out. To my surprise they were all blurry and pixelated, especially for a 16MP. Turns out my Dad had been using it previously and forgot to change the picture setting, so it was taking all the photos at 2MP quality. I could not believe it. Any hoo, all it means is that the tutorial is going to be at least a day or two late. for anyone excited for this tutorial I am sorry but these things happen and you just need to get on with it. Sorry for ranting so much in this post, I bet I come across like a right internet Ninja! WATCHA! Thanks for reading, another Vespid will be on the way and the tutorial will follow hopefully by the end of the week, I will still try and get it done before I go back to school and until next time bye for now!


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