Sunday, 4 August 2013

Javelins from the back! (and Claymore)

Hello Folks,

Well here we have the rear rank to the first unit of warriors. As you can see I was rapidly running out of colour ideas so decided to paint the two orange cloths slightly darker shades to one another. Everything else which has remained constant was done exactly the same. Once again I do promise a tutorial but I'm enjoying the Tau too much at the moment. So far I am on a 4 Game win streak, Black Templars, Smurfs and 2 games won against Thousand Sons. I am on a Tau'Va buzz and can't contain myself. I'm doing kroot of my commission and building up my Tau force on the down-low. I will also recap from Claymore, I didn't bring my camera but I wasn't there long enough to go round everything and take a picture of it. Read more to see more pictures and re-cap and links of Claymore.
Well first off we have some more angles of the Warriors:

The warrior in the blue was converted, it was really simple to do. I just hand to cut his arm off and his hand and re shape it. It only took me a few minutes and ta da!


Well I can't drag these guys any more so I will jump straight into Claymore.

Claymore is one of the Biggest Wargaming Shows in Scotland. It is held in Edinburgh Telford College. There were three Main Areas. The Atrium and the Foyer, The Bring And Buy room, and the Main Hall. It was mainly traders and display games in all bar the Bring and Buy. There were a good number of display games and participation games. So far no one who was taking pictures has posted anything but if I find a Link I'll post it on my next post. There were the same traders here as there were at Falkirk and Wappinshaw, which can both be seen at the Conventions link at the side of the Blog. The Bring and Buy was awful for Tau. I expect to see a rise next year once folk have tried out there stuff and not liked them. There were a lot of people selling well painted marines, hopefully trying to make a profit for the new codex coming out. I only bought from one trader, an online company called 6s2hit, here is there website: 6s2hit's Shop . They do 20% off 40k, 30% off fantasy and almost 50% off Kings of War. Including GW paint for £2. A definite visit for any wargamer (please note that these were deals at the show and may not be expected to be on the online shop, but I'm sure you'll get something very close). I got the correct paint for the Vespids, CAN I HEAR A HALLELUJAH! Also I picked up a Riptide for £40, yes I got a riptide! But don't expect to see mine on the blog for some time. All in all Claymore was an OK show, not fantastic not rubbish just a good ol' soul reviver. 

So what's next, group shots of the warrior unit and hopefully finished shield designs and a Tutorial. Oh and also a small personal update, I get my exam results on Tuesday so if you don't hear from me within the next month or so I have been carted off my laptop and sent to my dungeon study! HAHA. I only have two weeks of Summer holidays left. This means two weeks to get as many Tau done as possible and catch up on the school work I missed when I went to New York. Once the school term starts I will be working solely on my Falkirk Painting Competition entry which none of you know yet. I'm not sure if I like it yet but we'll wait and see, I'll have plenty of time to change it if I don't like it. WOW deep breath people, I'm going to stop typing. Thanks for reading and until next time, bye for now.

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