Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Leopard Speck... Wait, a Firewarrior!

Hello Folks,

As promised yesterday I have taken pictures of the Firewarrior I painted up in the colour scheme I am doing my own Tau Army. Even though my army is far from being started properly it is always good to know that when the time comes around I have a scheme to paint them up as. I didn't add any speckles to this guy but I might leave them off the armour and put them on the skin of the firewarrior. I might leave up to you guys. Click read more for more ideas I had and the pictures of the man himself.
I was quite surprised when I eventually finished this guy, his armour colour looks almost identical to that of the Ta I have been painting up even though I used GW's Deathclaw Brown. I suppose it has given me a colour I can use for the Tau Camouflage for the vehicles. Any way here are the pics you've been waiting for:

As you can see I have flipped the colours compared to the Kroot. The bulk of the model is Orange and the fabric is Teal Blue. I have also kept it as close to my original inspiration as possible, this can be seen in the green Pulse Ball on the gun and all the gems, sorry, Advanced and Technical lights!

This freehand on the arm pad is the Tau letter 'S' with a tally mark. This shows he is squad 1. I have about 5 squads of Firewarriors, too many to have, but I might paint up three or four and flog the rest on Ebay. But that is in the very distant future, I have so many other things to take care of before that!

Sorry this next picture is a bit blurry, I think my cameras battery was dying out.

And there you have it, my first steps toward a fully painted and functioning Tau army. I may also come up with  a Cadre Name for this colour scheme and who knows it might become popular one day but always remember, you saw it here first! I might do a tutorial for this scheme as well, (mainly for my use since my memory is so bad!) Tomorrow I believe is the secret miniature but here is a sneak peak, if you can guess what or who this is then I will be very surprised!

I am really excited to show you this mini. I have taken a lot of time to paint it up and who knows it may even... nah, I won't tell you. Thanks for reading and until next time, bye for now

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