Monday, 12 August 2013

Lurking in the woods...

Hello Folks,
I know I didn't stick to my promises last week but I was too busy celebrating my good results. Even though I was painting I wasn't doing enough to actually have anything substantial to put up. We have here some more Kroot. This takes the running total to 20 kroot warriors, two krootox and two shapers. I have another 8 more kroot undercoated and awaiting some paint slapped on 'em. I also have another Krootox to build but at the moment I am not too concerned about that, after all I have all these wonderful vehicles to paint with Tau camouflage, WOO HOO! I may have to update the Tutorial in the above bar at the top, since I have perfected the technique a lot more and have simplified the stages so that they are becoming faster. Click the link to see more pictures and here what else I have been working on that is Tau related.Get more Pics here

Well first off let us see some more angles of the new re-kroots, (get used to that one, its going to be around for a while!).

If you take a look at the previous kroot I painted here, you can see they had no added extras. But I thought I will add some to make them more interesting.

The usual black arm pads with the clients initials in Tau in gold.

I actually find these guys turned out a lot lighter than the last bunch. It will be good to get a hold of all the kroot once I am finished and do a big group shot, why stop there, once this whole army is done in a couple of years, there will be a big class photo! Now onto what else I have been doing. I have completed my first colour test miniature for the Vespids, it has turned out really well, and I am pleased. That also means that there will be a tutorial up hopefully before the schools go back, since I don't want to be doing any more work than what I will have to be doing for school. Thanks for reading, I am just about to send off a quick e-mail to the TofP crew for another Reader submissions. This time it will not only feature the Kroot, but also the Vespid and my own Tau that I have painted recently and until next time, bye for now.

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