Thursday, 8 August 2013

Time to see what we put on the 'Barbie'... and a small thank you.

Hello Folks,

I am going to try and make this post as mysterious as possible. At the moment I have only given you subtle hints as to what this model could possibly be. So far we have my Heroquest Game on Sunday, which is the truth, but I am going to use this model for that. Obviously the picture above and the title of this post. I wonder what on Earth it could be. Write in the comments if you guessed correctly.

So after all three days of tension I will finally tell you what it is I have painted up. Well for those of you clever enough to realise, it is a barbarian model I have painted up. However it is a specific type of sculpt. It is another Grenadier model sculpted by Nick Lund himself. These figures are very old, in fact they are older than me! I really wanted to pull out all of the stop on this figure and I hope to have done him justice. I was wanting to put this model up for an anniversary post but I was too excited not to put it up. I think it may show its face again in all its diorama glory. But that, once again is in the future. But why am I talking, I should be showing you the pictures, without further ado here is Gruff the Barbarian:

As you can see I have also attempted NMM and NMG(non-metallic gold). I used my own recipe this time for NMG but copied one of GW's earlier NMM tutorials. Again I can't remember which one but I will maybe make a digital scrap book at some point with all the tutorials for WD (as long as it isn't a copyright infringement). The skin is also my own recipe, let me know in the comments if you would like a Gold NMM tutorial and skin tutorial at some point and I may be able to squeeze it in with my Saga stuff.

The fur was also done by analysing a GW article and manipulating it for my own use. This also gives you a better angle on the back of the axe head

This photo above is a bit blurry but there isn't really too much to see from this angle. As you can see I am sticking with the Teal blue for trousers and gems. I initially painted the legs skin colour but then thought it was weird that they had thick ruffles and creases behind the knees. I painted the trousers teal blue so that it made the gems snap out and contrast with the yellow of the gold. The other good thing is about painting a model mostly brown is that brown is a neutral colour and almost anything goes with it.

I just realised that the Blog has reached is 70th Post and 7000th viewing. I am really pleased with how well my blog has progressed over the last year and a bit. I would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to view my somewhat nicely painted models and a special thanks to those who have commented and helped me along the way to get my little blog noticed in the big bad world of wargaming. I will always do my blog no matter how popular it gets and even when I'm done with school and end up going to university I will still try and blog. And if I'm not blogging I will be painting, but that's so far away. Thanks for reading, I'll put a list of people I would like to thank, who have significantly helped me along the way, and don't be disappointed if your name isn't there, these are just the top ones who come to mind, and until next time, bye for now!

A Special Thanks Goes to:

  • The whole Tale of Painters crew, without you guys I would never of known where to get started developing my technique plus the opportunity to showcase my models has been greatly appreciated.
  • James Wappel, for inspiring me to start my own blog and giving me big hinters and help when I was just a young blogger. Also a lot of inspiration and desire for perfecting NMM!
  • Mad Malthus, for keeping each others comment boxes lively even though it's just us haha.
  • Cypyke (sorry if spelt wrong!), for giving me lots of tutorials on building scenic dioramas and terrain.
  • To all my gamers at North Ayrshire Wargames Club who have looked at my models and given me constructive criticism.
Not very long but these are the main people I would like to thank, even though I know it's cheesy! A big thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to view the blog and give their opinions!

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