Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Progression Report: Units Forward!

Hello Folks,

Not going to be a long post but I thought I'd fill you in on what will be coming up over the next few days. Tomorrow will be my Firewarrior colour test mini, the day after that will be a surprise (I do have something planned but I won't tell you!), by Friday I hope to have these four kroot on my desk finished, maybe not based but finished. Then I will maybe do a review on the new Tau Boxes. So far I have built up a partial battlesuit, some drones and legs and torsos of a pathfinder squad. I was pleasantly surprised with the Evil Empire's new kits. This Sunday I will be playing a game of Heroquest. For those who don't know what Heroquest is, think of it as D&D for toddlers, a simple 2 dice system. D6's and attack die, Mind and HP for characters and some money and equipment here and there. Oh and lots of gobbos and orks to chop up! A good beer and pretzels game.

On a personal note, I got my exam results through today. I would take a picture of my results but they have my address and full name on them so I won't show them. But I will tell you my grades. First of for Intermediate 2( a simplified last year course) A's are good, B's are second best etc etc. For Credit, it as a mid range school level difficulty, normally a couple of years before you leave, but it has some last year level stuff in it as well, so 1's are the best, 2's are the second best etc etc. So if that made sense here are the grades:
  • Art and Design Intermediate 2 - A
  • French Intermediate 2 - A
  • History Intermediate 2 - A
  • Maths Credit - 1
  • Physics Credit - 1
  • Chemistry Credit - 1
  • Computing Studies Credit  - 1
  • English Credit  - 2
A cant beleeve ma englush let me doon, wat says yous, how do u think ma enlgush is! (He he :D)
So overall I did well, I am really pleased with my results, I can appeal for my English which means the Exam board look at my course work from earlier in the year and see if they have it in their cold hearts to change my grade, hopefully for the better! Most of you won't care but I thought I'd put it on here as a permanent memory. Thanks for reading and until next time, bye for now!

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